Saturday, January 31, 2015

you're walking meadows in my mind

East clothes coat / Dressve sweater / Vessos skirt / Lovelyshoes boots / LYDC bag / Watch : Daniel Wellington

My new favorites boots, classic suede knee-high from I ordered them in my size but they were too small so I tried the potato trick ( after you peel your potato, put it in your shoe and leave it overnight or longer - the potato juice will help expand your shoes ) and they actually did stretch a little bit so now they're perfect. I've been wearing them with every single outfit since I've got them! I need to stop because I almost forgot about my other ones..
These photos were taken very quickly, the weather made everything look hideous but I will be showing you more of these boots soon :)) have a wonderful Saturday!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

wishlist #21

(links below)

Few lovely items from, link of the each one is above. I must say that the first 2 items are definitely on the top of my wishlist :) What about you?


Sunday, January 18, 2015

my beautiful castillo

Another post featuring this lovely watch from I just had to put it on my blog again since it's so photogenic, way more than me, for sure.. Despite its ability to look great in photos, it is actually really great. Since I've got it, I've been wearing it everytime it matches my outfit. I can't get used to using it for its purpose, because I still look on my phone to see what time it is and I think that is so wrong. Does anyone else do that? I guess I just forget I'm wearing a watch! Enough rambling, it is a beautiful watch and you can find it here. Have a great Monday and  this upcoming week!!